Wednesday, January 22, 2014

what kind of a dream

someone asked the other day
what kind of a dream should i send
i answered any kind of a dream
the kind of dream you dream
i mean who is to say
the kind of dream you dreamt
last night last year when you were a child
a waking dream a sleeping dream
a past present future dream
a foreign dream a domestic dream
a dream that lies between here & there
a dream about becoming
a little dream for you
a big dream for a friend
a cosmic dream for a mother
a lover one another
a wish for the world
a hope for the future
a thought that begins something
something already begun in you
a something inside that's yearning to be
whatever kind of a seed you find
is the kind that would be just right
for planting or if you have another idea
that would be just right too

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