Monday, January 27, 2014

everywhere & in everything

there is a dream in everything
in a parking meter
in a swing

the tree dreams of the sea
the sea of an etching plate

a plate dreams of a spoon
a spoon of dirt
dirt of an apron

a scarf dreams in alarming colors
where is the gate in this city fence

a book dreams of a well
a chimney of a shelf in the sea
a flame of a trumpet
a balcony of a sun

a burglar dreams of a neck
in a wine bar in a burglar dream

it wasn't water to wine
it was water to cream
there are dreams in old coconuts

a rock dreams of an oyster
an oyster of a parachute
a parachute of venus
the venus of fallen things

what's between art & the artist
what's between artist & i

if i said you were good
would you believe me
you're good you're good
you're good

instead of dreaming you could be
swimming riding dancing fainting

the cosmos dreams of your fingers
your candles dream of being one
with the one being

a dream is when a yoyo unwinds

your nails dream of the houses
your dreams are assembling

when an animal
you've never seen before
appears to you
that is a dream

dream is a word for reach
dream is a word for round
dream is what is coming up
& what is going down

whereas life
is unnecessarily complex
a dream is simple

some think dreams
are the spice
they are not
dreams are the stock

take down this recipe
the holy trinity of dreams
skin desire path
purpose body heart

a dream is a vote for apollo

if you listen you will hear
every 6th word
is dream

dreams are like parents
that are not hiding hard
but playing along

the minute you become shrewd
you lose your dream

you can regain it
whenever you want
by crying out

there's no eating a dream
a dream is not a plate

if you have a recurring dream
what does that mean
analyze it all you want
you'll never catch a star

there's no darning a dream

1 comment:

  1. This is a fantastic poem. Enough great dream/images to wondrously feed a city.
    Thanks for inspiring us all!